Английский язык


Кто не знает иностранных языков, ничего не знает и о своём собственном.

Кто выучил англо-русский словарь, тот выучил англо-русский язык.


Предложения на бытовые темы

Приводим достаточно полный набор предложений на самые распространенные в разговорах темы:


Ответы на приветствие

Привлечение внимания



Разрешение, согласие

Отказ, запрещение, не соглашение, жалоба,

Выражение своей точки зрения


Ответы на извинения




Ответы на приглашение, советы, пожелания, комплименты







Ответы на благодарность



Разговор по телефону

Приглашение по телефону

Справки по телефону

Разные фразы по телефону

Разговоры о семье

Разговоры о погоде


Приветствие. Greeting.

How do you do – употребляется только при первой встрече, и только у лиц старшего поколения.

How are you? Как живете?

How are you bearing up? – как жизнь?


How do you feel in general? / How are you feeling today?

How are you doing? – как живешь?

How are you feeling today? – ну как ты?

How are things? (With you) How fares it?

How are you getting on? – как дела?

How’s your life? I hope you’re well

What do matters stand?

Whats news? – что нового?

How is it doing?

What’s happened?

What’s up?

Whats wrong? – что стряслось?


Glad to see you!

Nice to meet you!

Hi! – при непринужденном общении.

How do!


Long time no see

I‘ve not seen you for ages

Glad to have you around again

All okay!

Nice seeing you again!


Good afternoon

What strange encounters one’s life is full of!

What do you say?

What gives? - Чем дышишь?

Whats cooking? - Что нового?

What’s going down? - Как дела?

Welcome! Стилистически повышенное приветствие.

I’m happy to welcome you.

Why, this a surprise! – Какая встреча!

Fancy meeting you here! – какая неожиданность!

Look who’s here! - кого я вижу!

Is that you? - это ты?

What brings you here? – Какими судьбами?


Ответы на приветствия. Answers a greeting.

Fine, thanks

I’m very well, thank you.

Not too bad. Not so bad, you know

Quite well

Real fine. Splendid. Marvellous.

Can’t complain – не жалуюсь.

Id rather not say - Не знаю, что и сказать.

So so – неважно.

Pretty bad – плохо

Couldn’t be worse - отвратительно.

I can’t say everything is doing on quite well

And you?

Pretty busy

OK. I feel quite fit, thank you

I’m afraid I’m not feeling very well

Terrible weather today

Thanks to your prayers

Better late than never

I’m getting along all right

There is nothing good in our life


Привлечение внимания. Attracting attention.

Excuse me, please

Could you tell me...please?

Do you happen to know?

May I ask a question?

May I have your attention, please?

I say

Look here! Look folks!

Look / watch out (danger)

Mind! (your head ; step)

Hey! Anyone here?

By the way - кстати, между прочим

Generally - вообще-то

The thing is - дело в том

You see

You know

Suppose - предположим

So to say ... так сказать

To tell the truth – сказать правду

Recollect - вспомните

The point is that - вопрос в том, что...

Well! Ну!

Would you repeat that? Не повторите ли?


Знакомство. Meeting people. Acquaintance.

I would like to meet Mr. Я хотел бы познакомить с...

Allow me to introduce myself. Разрешите представиться

My name is...

I was hoping we could discuss certain problems

Please write down your full name. Пожалуйста напишите свое полное имя.

I didn’t catch you. Я не понял

We have met. Мы знакомы.

I’d like you to meet Mr...

Glad to meet you! Рад познакомиться.

Let me introduce to you....Позвольте представить Вам…

May I ask your name?

Please meet, my wife

Very happy to meet you

Introduce me

Have you meet Mr.../ do you know Mr...?

Pleased to meet you

The pleasure is mine

Make the acquaintance (of smb) = meet

Meet my husband

Here is...

Просьба. Request.

May I ask you to do something for me. Можно попросить вас сделать кое-что для меня

Could you possibly, give me...Если возможно, дайте мне…

Would you kindly give me...Будете ли Вы так любезны, дать мне…

Could I ask you?

Could you help me, please

Could you tell me the way to the station?

Will you send me a taxi?

Quiet, please!

Would you pass the salt? (более вежливо чем will you)

May I come in?

Please wait for me

May I have a look?

Would you mind giving (me your passport)?

Stop making so much hose!

May I have another cup of tea?

Could I borrow this book for a few days?

Can I go now?

Do you mind if I smoke?

Would you mind if I come a bit later?

May I take the day of on Friday?

Is it all right if I open the window?

Do have some of this cake

I made it myself

Let me know - дайте мне знать

Can you lend me ... (или could you)

Switch on the light, will you?

Don’t be late, I warn you


Разрешение, соглашение. Allowing.

Certainly. Конечно.

Naturally. Естественно.

Here you are. Пожалуйста.

Right away




I hope so (think so)

My opinion is just the same

That’s right

It goes without saying

Of course

Perhaps you’re right


You can go home

Can we smoke in here?

Could I use your telephone?

I’m easy

It is all the same

It makes no difference

It does not matter - все равно

I don’t care

I don’t a damn (наплевать)

Down it all - пропади все пропадом


Отказ, несоглашение, жалоба. Refusal.

No, I cant. Нет, я не смогу.

I refuse to do it. Я отказываюсь сделать это.

I don’t agree with you. Я не согласен с Вами.

You’re mistaken

I don’t think like so

Of course not

I’m against it

Yes & no

It’s impossible / prohibited

I’m afraid I can’t permit it

Absolutely not

By no means

Not on your life!


In no case

O quite the contrary! – о, совсем наоборот

You have no right to come into my house

I don’t like to complain, but…

Thats another story – это совсем другая история

It doesnt meaning – не может быть.



Выражение своей точки зрения. Point of view.

I think (thought) / believe / feel (felt) / consider / hear (heard) / choose (предпоч.) / expect / imagine / reckon / guess / dare say / intend / hope / imply / mean (meant) / count / convinced / comprehend

I feel like drink Неплохо бы выпить.

Look, I’ll tell you what. Послушай, что я Вам скажу.

It’s like this

You see

As I see it. My point of view is...

In my opinion / mind, (he was driving too fast)

Nothing doing

I should like to make it clear that

I see your point, but...

I prefer tea to coffee

I’m easy

I advise you to do it

I suggest that

What about doing for a walk?

Why don’t you lie down? / Have a rest?


I couldn’t say for certain

I’m not sure

I can’t help it

Well, personally I think...

You’d better see a doctor

If I were you, I’d accept the offer

I have become convinced

I figured


Извинение. Apologies.

Excuse – извинение до случившегося (interrupting a conversation)

Sorry - извинение после случившегося (I’m sorry I’ve broken the glass)

I apologise for the delay (formal)

I’m terribly / awfully sorry, but...

I’m sorry I’m late (for coming late)

Excuse my coming late

My fault. It’s a pity

Do forgive me

Wait a little, please

I regret it very deeply

I’m afraid I can’t remember the address


What?                          Surprise

Go on!

Well, I never!

A fine kettle of fish

I beg your pardon


Ответы на извинения. Answers an apologies.

Dont worry. Не беспокойтесь.

Never mind. Ничего.

Forget it. Забудьте.

It’s OK. That’s all right

That’s quiet all right

It’s nothing

It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter


Поздравление. Congratulations.

I congratulate you on your marriage! Я поздравляю Вас со свадьбой.

Accept my congratulation! Примите мои поздравления.

Many happy returns of the day !

May I offer my congratulation on...

Merry Christmas!

I here you’re to be congratulated!

My very best wishes! (for women’s day)

Congratulations (on your good luck)!

Happy birthday (to you) with all my love

Here my little present

And this is for you

Accept my most sincere & hearty congratulations

Well done! (Used about an achievement)

A happy New Year to you all

May I congratulate all of you for fulfilling the task in full & in time

I congratulate you

I remember the day of...

Happy holidays!

Allow me to greed you on the occasion of...

Happy diwali

Victory day greetings (только в написании) просто “с праздником”- нет в engl.

Commemoration - празднование годовщины

In ~ of - в память о...

Hats off!

Happy wedding anniversary with long life!


Пожелания. Wishes.

I wish you the best of every thing! Желаю самого наилучшего!

Have a good rest! (Journey)(Time) приятного отдыха!

Happy journey! Счастливого путешествия!

I wish you!

May success attend you!

Give my love to...

I’m great full to you

Do what I say!

Good luck!

All the best

I hope everything goes well for you

I wish you good health - с легким паром!

Keep well

Bless you                      будьте здоровы (при чих.)


Приглашение. Invitation.

I want to invite you to dinner / to my house. Хочу пригласить вас на обед.

Are you doing anything on Saturday night? Что Вы делаете в субботу вечером?

Come & see me (at my home)

I’d like to invite you to...

May I invite you? (To dinner next...)

Let’s go to the cinema

How about doing there together?

It would be necessary

Shall we go for a walk?

Would you like to come to my house (lunch)

Feel at home

Make yourself at home

Entertain - принимать гостей, ~ment - званый вечер=party

Wouldn’t you come round / drop in


Команды. Commands

Be here (at half past nine). Будьте здесь в девять тридцать.

You must be here at...

You’re to take these pills

You mustntt smoke


Ответы на приглашение, советы, пожелания, комплименты. Answers.

Gladly. Я рад.

I have no objection.  Нет возражений.

I dont mind. Не возражаю.




Good idea

Don’t bother

I’ll try

Why not?

Quite possible

Can’t say

With pleasure

My pleasure

I must refuse

I’ll be delighted to do it

I’m afraid I can’t do it

Nice to hear that

The same goes for you

Do you really think so?

It’s your imagination

I don’t know for certain

I wouldn’t say that

I dunno = I do not know

Unfortunately I haven’t time


Тосты. Toasts.

Drink smb’s health! За здоровье!

To your health! За здоровье!

Raise this glass to...

Down a glass

Wanna drink!

Here’s to you!


Good cheer

To clink glasses


Now we’re off!

To you!

I fell like drinking

Here’s to a long & beautiful friend ship!

To our friendly cooperation!

I’ve never said no to a drop of scotch

Let’s have a drink

For your precious love

To us!

Distinguished ladies & gentlemen!

I propose a toast

To homecoming of prodigal parents

Dinner speech

Let’s love one another


Комплимент. Compliment.

You do look well / wonderful / smart.  Вы выглядите прекрасно.

You look never change. Вы совсем не меняетесь.

You are charming.  Вы прекрасны.

You are a good cook / That was a nice meal. Вы отлично готовите.

I must say you played excellently

You have got a nice voice / smile / wonderful

This is your colour

You’re always beautifully dressed

It’s a pleasure to talk to you / work

You have a lovely child!

What a delicious cake!


You did the right thing

You said the right thing

Well done!

That’s was clever / sensible (разумно)

I’m sure you did right

I like your suit / That’s a nice suit

I’ll state positively, that no better breakfast has been served this morning in all of town

How did you get to be so smart?

You are a good, sweet man

You look younger

You’re looking your best

You are a good cook

It gave me a lot of satisfaction!

Утешение. Consolation.

Don’t worry! Не беспокойтесь!

Dont nervous! Не нервничайте!

Don’t take it to heart. Не берите близко к сердцу.

Forget it!

Take it easy!

All will be well!

What nonsense!


Stuff & nonsense

Too bad

Nothing very special

What of it?

Bad luck / hard luck

Better luck next time

Never mind

Please accept my deepest sympathy on the...

I’ve just been told this awful news

I wanted you to know that my wife & I are thinking about you

Like you we want this ordeal to be over


Восторг. Axaltation.

It’s really fine! Это  действительно отлично!

It’s just wonderful! / amazing!

Isn’t it marvellous?

How happy I am!

It gave me a lot of satisfaction!


Неодобрение. Disapproval.

Nothing very much to speak of...Нечего говорить об этом.

Rather poor. Довольно-таки бедно.

I wouldn’t say I like this

It’s nothing to write home about

How could you?

Don’t you think...that sounds rather childish!

You’re not my thing

It’s nothing way I want it!

What a nuisance!

You look depressed


Благодарность. Thanks Gratitude.

Thanks a lot (to you). Большая благодарность.

Much obliged.

I can’t tell you how I appreciate.

I am grateful to you. (благодарен) ю

Thank you for all that you have done for me.

I can never thank you enough.

I would like to thank you for in advance.

Just what I wanted.

You give me pleasure.

You are very kind.

Thank you for the invitation/your help/warm reception.

I don’t know how to thank you!

A thousand thanks!

Thank you for your kind attention.

Many thanks.

I simply can’t find words.

It’s so kind of you.

Thank you. You’ve been very helpful.


Ответы на благодарность. Answering.

Thank you so much.

Don’t mention it.- Не стоит.

Think nothing of it.

I was happy to oblige you.

Not at all.

Never mind.

It’s nothing.

You are welcome/Welcome.

It’s a pleasure. The pleasure is mine.

That’s all right/O.K.

I’m very happy to be of help to you.

Thank you. That means a lot.


Прощание. Farewells.

Couldn’t you stay a little longer? Не останетесь ли подольше?

I’m afraid I cant.

Come and see us again as soon as possible. Навестите нас как только сможете.

Hope to see you again soon!

Good- bye!

It’s time to say good bye.

See you (soon/tomorrow/later).

Bye for now!

All the best!

Good luck!

I’m not saying good bye.

Same to you.

I’m afraid. I must be off now. So we’ve found a common language.

Thank you for everything.



So long.

Keep well.

Until we meet again.

Bon voyage! - Счастливого пути!

Say hello to...

I hope to see you before long.

Remember me kindly. Think kindly of me.

Bye now.

Ta-ta - Детское “До свидания”.

Good night, pleasant dreams (перед сном).

Well I must be going now.

I’ll see you later/tomorrow.

Later! До свидания!

SWK (sealed with kiss) - Целую. (в конце письма)


Предложения. Offers.

Let me get a chair for you. Позвольте усадить Вас.

Can I help you to pack? Помочь Вам упаковаться?

Shall I give you a lift?

Would you like a cup of coffee?

Have some more tea (Familiar).

Do sit down.

Предложения (Suggestions)

Let’s start early, shall we?

Let’s listen to the tapes.

How about the cinema?

Suppose we wait a while.


Разговор по телефону. Speaking over the telephone.

May I use your phone? Можно воспользоваться Вашим телефоном?

The telephone is out/is dead of order. Телефон не работает.

I speaking/This is... /... here.

Listen - Слушай.

Is Mr. ... there?

Can/Could I speak to...

Hold the line, please I’ll put you through

I’m afraid the line is engaged. Will you hold on?


No, I’ll call back later

или: Can I take a massage?

или: Could you ask him to call me?

Yes, what’s your number, please.

Please, give me...

Mr. ... in?

He’s out.

He has gone for meeting.

Is that you... ?

Hello pal!

Hello, who’s speaking/calling please?

What number were you calling?

Sorry, you’ve got wrong number.

I’m sorry to have troubled you.

Who’s that? Who’s calling?

Is this/that... office?

Yes, that’s right.

Go ahead please.

Its for you. - Вас к телефону.

Just tell him D. called - Передайте, Д. звонил.

When he will be back?

Would you ask him to call me when he gets back.

Can you hold on? - Вы можете подождать?

Could you take a message? - Передайте ему мою просьбу.

I cant get through. - Я не могу дозвониться.

Sorry, can’t hear a thing. - Плохо слышно.

I’ll call you back/ring later. - Я перезвоню.

The connection is poor.

Speak louder.

Speak more distinctly. - Говорите отчетливо.

Some thing is interfering.

Line is busy. Dial again.

Line is engaged all the time.

I’ll ring you up tomorrow.

Listen, ...

Please put down my telephone number and ring me up next Tuesday.

I’ll give you a ring when I come back.

Where’s the nearest public phone?

Can I ring up to town from here?

What number of Mr. ... office?

I’ve put through six calls and no effect.

Usually this sort of signal indicates that the line is free, and you can dial the number you want.

Leave the message with me? - Что ему передать?

I’ll be sure to give it to him. - Я обязательно ему передам.


Приглашение по телефону.

Are you free now? Вы можете говорить сейчас?

Are you going anything tomorrow night? Вы собираетесь куда-нибудь завтра вечером?

Would you like to go to... with us?

Very nice. I’ll be there.

How about going to the... ?

I’d like to see you tomorrow.

I’d like to make an appointment with...

What time do you suggest?

Suppose we make it 3.30.

Will it suit you?

I’m calling to invite you to my office.

If you don’t mind.

I’ll be tied up tomorrow. - Я буду занят завтра.

It takes a lot of time (not many).

See you tomorrow then.

I hope you are not too busy.

How soon would you like to come?

I’ll expect you.

Can I see you sometime today?

Until twelve-fifteen, then.

Eight or thereabouts. (8 или около).

Can you see me tomorrow?

I must/do apologise for ringing you so late, but I have an urgent matter to discuss with you.

I don’t mind.

As soon as possible.

It is no need. - Незачем.

Mind your promise.

I have to go there tonight.

Can you call on me at around 8 p.m.?

The matter is that I can’t visit you today, unfortunately.

When can you come?

I can’t say that definitely now.

To make an appointment by telephone. - Договориться о встрече по телефону.

Wouldn’t you drop in to see me today?

I have a hundred and one things.

Let us arrange to meet on some other day.

Where and when can we meet?


Справки по телефону. Information

Who can tell me what time will be arriving from...Кто может сказать мне время прибытия из

Put me through with the city information. Соедините меня со справочной по городу.

Will you please give me the telephone number of...

I want to book a trunk call to Moscow.

Will 2p.m. suit you?

Your number here, please?

I can’t remember...’s telephone number.

What is the number of Information?

Telephone exchange. - Телефонная станция.

Extension - Добавочный номер.

Enquiries - справки, справочное бюро.

In what cases do you call the exchange?

ISD - International Satellite Dialling.


Разные фразы по телефону.

Where are you speaking? Откуда Вы говорите?

I’m speaking from the...

I telephoned you several times, but I couldn’t get you on the phone.

I called to wish you a happy birthday.

I’d like to bring to your attest: on, that...

What do you mean?

I’ve got to think about...

What can I do for you?

Im at your disposal. - Я в вашем распоряжении.

I tell you what...

It doesn’t depend on me.

It lies with you.

I’m ringing you ask you a small favour.

I suppose you’ve right.

It doesn’t matter?

That’s clear.

And then what? - А дальше что?

Let’s to analyse in order.

The point is that... - Вопрос в том, что...

Do it like this. - Делайте так.

Bear it in mind. - Имейте в виду.

You got a wrong number, buddy (приятель).

Let’s leave it as is.

He has telephoned, assuring me he had no idea... .

Telephone rang for several seconds, then it stopped.

Punch out the numbers. - Набирать номер.

What the hell do you want?

Call the building superintendent and ask for...

Hi, this is... .We haven’t been in touch for a while.

Just called to see how life is treating you.

dog - the telephone. (A.Hailey)


Типичный упрощенный разговор по телефону

Office. – Офис.

John? Is that you? – Джон, это ты?

Yes? John is here. Who is speaking? Да, это Джон. Кто говорит?

Its Mike. Это Майк.

Mike? Mike who? Майк? Кто это Майк?

What do you mean “Mike who”? Ты что? Как это “Кто это Майк?”

Oh, Mike! Im sorry…О, Майк, извини.


Good morning. That is John Tompson and Mick Jefferson. Could I talk to Professor Jackson? – Доброе утро. Это… Можем мы поговорить с …

Speaking. Говорите, я слушаю.

Oh, Professor! Do you recognize us? О, профессор, вы узнали нас?

Well? I do. Да.


Hello, this is Jane! - Привет, это ..

Hello, Jane! How are you? - Привет, как ты?

Not bad, thank you, dear. - Неплохо, спасибо.

I’d like to speak to Mick. - Мика бы к телефону.

Sorry, he’s out right now. – Извини, но его нет. May I leave a message for him? - Что ему передать?

Oh, yes, please. Could you tell to call me back. - Да, можете передать ему, чтобы он позвонил мне.

Ok, I will. - Хорошо передам.

Thanks a lot. - Большое спасибо.

You are welcome. – Не за что.

Bye then. – Пока.

Bye, dear. - Пока дорогой.

Разговоры о семье

Make yourself at home.

I have heard such a lot about you

My husband told me a lot about you

Is your family big?

May I ask your name?

What’s your fool name?

What’s your age?

Who is your husband?

How long had we been married now?

What’s your profession?

Where do you work?

Do you like your job?

What about your children?

How old is your son?

Are you a religious believer?

Let’s make a start then

All okay?



Разговоры о погоде


Barometer reading








Fierce heat

сильная жара










улучшаться, стихать



Miserable, bleak


Mist, fog


Overcast, clouds

покрытый облаками









Strong chilly wind

холодный сильный ветер




изнемогать от зноя

The sun rises


The sun sets


Thunder storm



небольшое количество



It`s close

очень душно

I think the weather will remain fine

Я думаю, что погода будет стоять хорошая

Predict the weather

предсказывать погоду

What nasty weather we are having today!

Какая скверная погода сегодня!



How hot it is!

Как жарко сегодня

A nice day!

Прекрасный день сегодня

What lovely weather!

Отличная погода

It is sunny today.

Солнечный день сегодня

I think it will rain soon.

Я думаю, сегодня будет дождь

Do you think so?

Вы так думаете?

We Russian like the weather

Мы русские подобны погоде
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Повелительные предложения Конструкция с искусственным подлежащим
Сложные предложения Глаголы
Запоминание слов Фонетика
Глаголы (продолжение) Предлоги
Артикли Типичные ошибки
Предложения на бытовые темы Перевод наиболее употребительных слов
Перевод очень распространенных русских выражений Сопоставительные словари
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Редуцированные формы, характерные для разговорной речи Многозначность английских слов, синонимы
Глаголы с послеслогами Существительное + существительное
Анализ текстов англо-американских авторов Фразы деловых встреч
Глаголы с послеслогами Примеры фраз из произведений американских авторов
Групповые словари Согласование времен
Сказуемое в английском предложении Как же говорить по-английски?
Консультации переводчику Как же научиться говорить по-английски (продолжение)

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